About us

Transgarant group of companies is a private operator of railway rolling stock, and is a part of FESCO Transportation Group.

The company’s development goal is strengthening customer relationships by comprehensively solving existing transport problems and optimizing costs for the parties involved in the process of transportation of cargoes.

The company’s rolling stock consists of multi-purpose and special-purpose cars. Transgarant is in the 5th place for its number of various box cars in the rolling stock.

Box cars are the most versatile type of railway rolling stock, are used for transporting cargoes of the wide nomenclature and don’t require special conditions.

Box cars are designed to protect cargoes from atmospheric precipitation, wind and sun, can be all-steel or have steel side walls, they also can be equipped for transportation of cargoes demanding extra safety. Loading and discharging is made through the doors in the side walls, and infrastructure of the operator allows accepting various capacity box cars almost on every station of railway network in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

The company owns a park of 14 main-line and shunting locomotives. Transgarant group of companies uses its own train formations for cargo transportation on West Siberian, South Ural and Far Eastern railways. Train formations which are not owned by the carrier can be used for transportation of one or several types of cargoes. We are qualified to fulfill the technical and technological conditions for developing specialized projects and organizing transportation by train formations that don’t belong to the carrier on public / non-public railways.

Transgarant has container terminals in Novosibirsk, Khabarovks and Tomsk. A well-organized process of transporting cargoes in containers should be managed from the beginning to the end at special facilities designed and equipped for the most efficient conversion of cargo flows. In container transport system these facilities are container terminals. Containers are moved from one type of transport to another at container terminals, which include storage areas for temporary storage of containers and other sites. Due to the speed of delivery and automated working conditions, container transportation service is developing and is in great demand because of its economic efficiency and versatility.