About us

Transgarant isprivately owned freight rail operator inthe Russian transportation market and apart ofFESCO Transportation Group. The company provides freight rail services inindustrial cargo transportation. One ofthe companys main goals istostrengthen its relationship with clients byintroducing integrated transport solutions.

The company operates 16.6 thousand cars, 85% ofcars are own.*

Transgarants freight rail turnover isover 32,3 billion tonnes-km. Annual transportation volume is20,3 million tonnes.

Transgarant incorporates five subsidiaries. Transgarant-Ukraine provides forwarding services for the companies ofmetals and mining sector ofUkraine economy. FESCO Rail fiting flatcars operators. Metiztrans isacoal carrier inSiberia and the Far East. Tektrans isthe Latvian freight rail operator for liquefied petroleum gas transportation. Transgarant-Vostok provides transportations byown trains atFar Eastern Railway.

Transgarant transports cargos via Russia and CIS countries, has 25branches and representations.

Rolling stock ofthe company consists ofuniversal railcars (gondola cars, box cars and flat cars), and specialized railcars(ore pellet cars, petrol and ammonia tanks, fitting flat cars, timber flat cars, cement cars, mineral cars, tanks for liquefied gas transportation).

The company operates 5main line diesel locomotives and 9shunting locomotives.

The company`s revenue according toIFRS for 2013 made up7,8 billion rub. Net profit is268,9 million rub. EBITDA is2,9 billion rub.

*AsofSeptember 30, 2014